GENEBRA® cookware set 23 pieces Damascus Steel


The Genebra® Cookware as the best option for cooking healthier foods! With sophisticated design and improved layout, it has advanced French technology ensuring high quality products for you.


French Quality Product!

No toxic waste in your food

Genebra cookware undergo rigorous manufacturing and testing processes, where each cookware is made of apricot steel with a special coating that prevents the release of toxic substances in the preparation of your food.

More economy and quality

With their surface specially treated to require minimal oil in the preparation of food, Genebra cookware will make your meals more delicious and healthy. Keeping nutrients and taste like no other, lead a worry-free life.

Intelligent and effective design

A good pan has to distribute the heat evenly, and for that the Genebra pans have quality seals. Avoiding heat loss and saving time to prepare, the concentrated hot air makes your food ready more quickly.