GENEBRA® Damasco Steel

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The story

After the Second World War, the lack of soy oil in Germany led entrepreneurs to create new ways of cooking food, Leonhard Wagner took the lead in this race. Buying a tank factory and making the project that today is the GENEBRA® Damasco steel cookware, externally the strength of damask steel and inside several layers of ceramic and marble.

Nowadays GENEBRA® combines durability, reliability and quality with the latest technologies in food preparation. They are pans that do not leave residues in the food and that heats evenly, in addition to being totally non-stick and not requiring any drop of oil.

Everything you need, find it here

23 pieces:

  • Casserole ⌀24cm, 6.5L
  • Casserole ⌀20cm, 3L
  • Casserole ⌀16cm, 1.6L
  • Steamer ⌀20cm
  • Saucepan ⌀16cm, 1.6L
  • Frypan ⌀24cm, 3L
  • Frying Basket
  • 6 Pcs Nylon Kitchen Tools
  • 2Pcs Bakelite Mat
  • Suction Knob

Few units in this incredible limited edition made by GENEBRA®

Be a professional at the barbecue!

This incredible set has 25 pieces of the highest quality made with Damascus Steel and rigorous forms of manufacture. Everything to be a durable and reliable product!

Designed for your comfort and safety!

This set comes in a synthetic leather case, and the parts that come with it are:

– 1 Cleaver
– 1 Chef’s Knife
– 1 Ham knife
– 1 Bread knife
– 1 Carving knife
– 1 Boning knife
– 1 Meat fork
– 1 Pizza Knife
– 1 cheese knife
– 6 Steak fork
– 6 Steak knife
– 1 Chicken scissors
– 1 kitchen scissors
– 1 Sharpener


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  • Can pots go in the microwave?

    No, as they have metal in their structure, you can never go in the microwave. You risk exploding and causing injury.

  • Can pots go on fire without cooking oil or pork fat?

    Only ceramic pots that have this capacity, pots that are only metal cannot go on fire directly. It can cause your pan to turn yellow and have marks.

  • Does it work with an induction cooker?

    Yes, all of our lines are prepared for the induction cooker. Not needing any extra care or preparation for that.

  • Can I take the pan to the oven?

    No, they are not prepared so that the entire structure is exposed directly to the heat of the oven. It can cause melting of some parts and slack.

  • How to make the product last longer?

    Do not use metal cutlery or steel wool as they can injure the lining of the pans. Always use silicone cutlery and wash with the soft part of the sponge.

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